"Contemporary Archaeological"
This renovation encompasses a sprawling four-story, 30,000-square-foot building, converting an existing concrete tower into two open plan office spaces.
This project focuses on the delicate interplay between the existing conditions of structure, limited space, and existing infrastructure of a contemporary renovation. The raw aesthetics of an existing industrial concrete tower is brought warmth with the elegance of a contemporary glass, metal, and wood infill. A delicate but dense space is created, where the rugged charm of the previous building is carried through the contemporary design of the office and modern needs.
A single light fixture ties the overall project together. A single, grand rope, delicately suspended from the ceiling, intertwines throughout the offices, hallways, and conference rooms.
The interplay of warm lighting, cold textures, and stereotomic spaces, invites occupants find areas of fostered collaboration and creativity, as well as private moments for focused work.
This fixture, at the same time organic yet refined, reflects the philosophy of the Contemporary Archaeological style - a sort of homage to a raw materiality transformed by human hands.
... amidst the seamless union of concrete, glass, metal, and wood.
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