A minimalist coffee table for the final of my wood design elective. The table features three simplified planes, a large rectangle top made of warm oak wood, supported by two legs, each oriented in a competing XYZ plane.
One leg is a solid concrete obelisk, cast with a large candle holder dish into the top. The other leg is a single plane of dark walnut that intersects with the oak top along a single common line. 
This joint creates a strong and notable intersection between the walnut and oak without compromising the structural integrity of the table. The overlaps of the materials reinforce this joint and provide a seamless planar intersection that continues beyond the single line.
The concrete leg of the coffee table also functions as a candle holder, with a dish cast into the top to hold large candles and protect the tabletop by catching all wax drips. The concrete was sealed with beeswax to enhance and texture of the concrete and provide a light warmth.
In addition, small pocket "blobs" were cast into the concrete, serving as functional handles for ease of movement and management of the 75-pound solid concrete form. These pockets also provide a subtle organic touch to the overall modern and minimalist coffee table.
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