The form of this geology center is a single rectangular prism carved into the Austin limestone hillside. The building is designed to provide an up-close view of the limestone geology of its site. The building’s location provides a space to experience and understand the geologic flood plane and the layering of limestone strata depths. The project creates an immersive educational experience for visitors.
The Geology Center showcases the local geology and watershed through views of the exposed rock and galleries that highlight the rough, layered surface. Windows and walkways provide an up-close experience with the rock-face, held just a few feet from the glazing. To complete the visit, a large courtyard offers direct access to the rock and displays the sheer step in elevation of the geologic flood plane.
The interior features two levels of gallery space, a small office, and a large auditorium, with a continuous all-glazed wall against the enclosing rock face. 
The geology center welcomes visitors with an initial view of a hillside as they enter the project. The hillside continues to rise as they move deeper into the building, offering a glimpse of the changing limestone landscape. 
An elevated switchback stairwell provides access to the second floor offices and auditorium, while the primary galleries and courtyard are accessed to the right. 
To add warmth to the space, the building features a lightly polished copper finish on its metallic surfaces, such as railings, stairs, counters, and door frames. The copper material contrasts with the cool concrete and rocky views, while also reflecting warm light deeply into gallery spaces. 
The textured rock faces seen deeper in the project are further enhanced by the use of smooth cast-in-place concrete and subtle metallic detailing.
A point at the end of the project, the moment where visitors exit to the courtyard and experience the true depth of this limestone hillside.
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