The first semester in architecture school is primarily hand coordination and skill oriented. The goals this semester were to improve hand-eye coordination and sketching ability, and to understand basic architecture principles such as space and depth. This gallery is a collection of a few drawings and projects which are from this semester. While drawing is not my strong suit, I did improve many drawing skills through this semester.
The final project for this semester, a very broad assignment, was to create a collage starting with one architectural image (placed in in the middle left), and to form a design based on that drawing. Starting with a black and white photograph, students were asked to expand this image which would grow into a combined plan, section, elevation, and become an artistic piece overall. The image was expanded to form a facade of a larger building which took inspiration from the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium. Outward pieces of this structure were joined into a map of Washington DC, which the included newspaper print to give texture along the location of the city's river.
One of the larger projects this semester was a self-portrait made through any medium. A graduation photo was chosen for its simple layout. Using an exacto knife, stencils were cut in paper, and spray paint was layered to produce a desired texture and depth. The portrait is centered on a large 20 x 20 sheet of paper.
Many of the projects assigned this semester were a simple drawing exercise to be finished in one class period, each one with emphasis on a different aspect of sketching. The drawing above was an emphasis on texture and depth, as well as shading and form.
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